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Posted: June 23 2010 at 13:45 | IP Logged Quote tbeckman

I am looking for a way to have powerhome email me when any device goes into a failed state from Insteon Explorer devices tab... does anyone know how I would do this? Thank for your help.
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Posted: June 23 2010 at 17:10 | IP Logged Quote smarty

See the quote from Dave version will have a trigger that will fire when an Insteon device is flagged as "com fail".

dhoward wrote:
Well definitely not moving as fast as I had hoped but Im on the final stages. Currently in the middle of working the Control Center enhancements. After this is complete, I'll need to update the Database Upgrade Utility and then we should be good to go. I hate to give a date because I always miss them . Below are some of the changes that will be included in the next beta:

Added support for the X10 CM15A controller (both PLC and RF). This support uses the ActiveHome SDK so any limitations are limitations of the SDK itself.

Added support for the Global Cache GC-IRL Infrared Learner.

Added support for the Global Cache GC-IRE Infrared Extender.

Modified most serial based controllers so that they can also be connected to the serial ports of a Global Cache. Controller setup modified to support either a local serial port or the remote serial port of the Global Cache.

Fixed bugs associated with Virtual Insteon devices (Insteon devices whose address starts with V?.??.??). For both PLC and PLM, poll status commands were being performed against virtuals. This is now fixed. For PLM, creating a virtual would result in a critical error as well as a critical error whenever the status was polled. This has been fixed as well.

Changes made to Insteon group status functionality. When receiving incoming Insteon group commands, if PLC/PLM is a member of the group, the appropriate PLC/PLM group status will be updated. Also fixed bug on updating PLC/PLM group status when broadcasting commands to group 255.

Added new "No Control" column to Insteon Types maintenance. Previous versions would not show "Control" buttons in the Device Status screen if the Responder Groups column was 0. The appearance of the "Control" buttons is now determined by the "No Control" column.

Added new "Dont Display" column to Insteon Groups maintenance. Placing a check in this column will cause the Insteon Group to not appear in the Device Status screen.

Rewrote ph_sendsmtpemail and ph_sendsmtpemailfile functions to use a new SMTP email control. Both functions now operate in a separate thread and performance is vastly improved.

New function ph_number (similar to existing number function). This function will convert a string to a number (long, integer, or double depending upon string). It will also properly convert negative numbers even if spaces exist around the negative sign. The number function will fail if one or more spaces exist between the sign and the number.

Modified IR triggers so that key description as well as incoming/outgoing code is passed in the TEMP variables. Also standardized all IR triggers so that the key number will be in the same TEMP var.

Modified PowerHome Shutdown routines so PowerHome will play nice with Windows Shutdowns and Logoffs. New ph_shutdown function to cleanly shut PowerHome down.

Updated Elk/Insteon M1XSP programming tab in Insteon Explorer to include support for newer M1XSP firmwares supporting Insteon PLM controllers.

Completely replaced all references to Microsoft Winsock control and Catalyst 3.6 Socket control with latest version of Catalyst Secure Socket tools.


Webserver rewritten to use Catalyst Internet Server control. Webserver now supports SSL. Support for a new authentication routine using cookies also implemented.

Major facelift on PowerHome Explorer. New treeview control allows for better functionality and icons. New control will also enable the requested "grouping" functionality.

PowerHome code base upgraded to PowerBuilder version 11.5. This is the most current version of PowerBuilder.

Added support for new encrypted SQL routines. Now certain database actions can be accomplished without having to send in your database using a special encrypted SQL.

Device status screen has been updated for better touchscreen support. No more buttons for On, Off, and ADim. These have been replaced with a single dropdown list for control. Older styles still available though.

Rewrote both the PLC and PLM Insteon controller modules. Code has been aligned to share the same code base. Efficiency has been improved and new error detection algorithms implemented eliminating "echoed" commands and further improving speed. New routines also prevent lockups associated with controllers losing power.

PLC and PLM Insteon controller routines now only attempt to restart up to 5 times before timing out. Restart routines are now more intelligent.

Insteon communication reports rewritten to be more accurate using new underlying Insteon routines. Terms have been clarifed between NAK and Timeout along with support for ACK, NAK, and Timeout.

Modified Insteon PLM controller wizard (serial and USB) so PH will now attempt to automatically locate your attached PLM controller.

New Insteon Problem Links report. Comprehensive report that shows all potential problems concerning the Insteon network.

USB to Serial drivers for Insteon PLM and UPB PIM are automatically installed with PowerHome.

Removed Device ID and Network Password from UPB controller setup. PIM device ID and network password will instead be read directly from PIM registers (previously set by UpStart).

New trigger that is fired when an Insteon device is flagged as COMM Failed.

New triggers for controller connect, disconnect, restart, and failure.

Fixed bug in ph_sendsocketdata1 function where including a value of 4 in the flags parameter resulted in all of the data being returned as a string of \000.

Fixed ph_getglobal_n, ph_getvar_n, ph_sql_n, ph_formulabtn_n so that they properly interpret negative numbers with spaces around the negative sign.

Fixed major bug where a number of ph.??? Windows Script Host functions would not properly handle negative numeric parameters. All functions should now properly handle negatives.

Fixed bug where a legitimate formula evaluation result of "!" does not fire the Syntax error trigger and log entry. Only an actual syntax error will do this now.

Fixed bug where certain macro commands (Insteon, Insteon Group, Insteon Raw Group, UPB, UBP Link) could trigger a Formula Syntax error when none actually exists.

Fixed bug where an Insteon "Stop Manual Change" command could possibly trigger a status request to the connected PLC/PLM controller ultimately resulting in the controller being flagged as COMM Failed.

Fixed major bug where multi-channel UPB devices could not be controlled properly (all channels would be controlled together). Also fixed other minor UPB bugs.

Fixed critical error when attempting to Print Preview the Device Status screen. Print and Print Preview of PowerHome Explorer was enabled in 2.1b and inadvertantly enabled the Print and Print Preview options for the Device Status screen. The menu options remain enabled for Device Status and print and preview now work properly.

Fixed critical error (line 26 of f_executeph of w_formula) that occurs when evaluating a formula with a runtime error from the Formula builder window and the window is closed before the evaluation or the runtime error is complete.

Fixed critical error (line 26 of f_executeph of w_wshedit) that occurs when evaluating a formula with a runtime error from a PowerHome Multi-editor window and the window is closed before the evaluation or the runtime error is complete.

Fixed critical error (Invalid DataWindow row/column specified at line 10 in function f_id of object w_devicecontrol).

Fixed critical error (Null object reference at line 1 in function f_setmenu of object w_tabdesign).

Fixed critical error (Invalid DataWindow row/column specified at line 8 in itemchanged event of object dw_1 of uo_insteontypes).

Fixed critical error (Invalid DataWindow row/column specified at line 509 in itemchanged event of object dw_detail of w_explorer).

Changed the last of all X-10 references to X10.

New Functions:
ph_getlasterrorstring,ph_number,ph_sendsmtpemailasync,ph_sen dsmtpemailfileasync,ph_encrypt,ph_decrypt,ph_getmd5hash,ph_g etmtret,ph_runasuser1,ph_runsync1,ph_shutdown,ph_convertir,p h_ctlrcontrol,ph_getdeviceval,ph_setdeviceval

Changed Functions:
ph_geturl,ph_geturlviaproxy,ph_runasuser,ph_saveurl,ph_saveu rlviaproxy,ph_webds

Removed Functions:
ph_rr2topronto,ph_rr3topronto,ph_prontotogc,ph_prontotorr2,p h_connect,ph_disconnect

Hope this helps,


Elk - Insteon - BlueIris - DMC1 - PowerHome - XLobby - HA_Bridge w/Dots - Brultech
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Posted: March 03 2017 at 15:20 | IP Logged Quote npavkov

What version of powerhome is required to get the controller cm15a USB to work with powerhome? is there any other files or add ins that are required??
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Admin Group
Admin Group

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Posted: March 05 2017 at 10:54 | IP Logged Quote dhoward


I believe support was added in version 2.1.4. You can
check by going to PowerHome Explorer and under
Setup|Controllers see if you have the CM15A RF and
CM15A PLC options.

In addition to having the proper PowerHome version,
you also need the ActiveHome SDK in order for the
CM15A to work. Im not sure if this is still available
from the site or not. If you cant find it,
shoot me an email and I'll give you a copy of the
version I have.

Hope this helps,

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